High School Program

The students will fulfill their State of Florida graduation requirements as they progress through a rich and stimulating curriculum and environment. Students will follow the State of Florida graduation requirements with the addition of elective courses that align with one of three Academies.

State of Florida Graduation Requirements Course Requirements for a Standard Diploma.

  • English - 4.0 credits. Major concentration in composition, reading for information, and literature.
  • Mathematics - 4.0 credits (Algebra I by grade 9, Geometry by grade 10, and 2 higher level mathematics courses). A four-year recommended sequences includes Honors Algebra l, Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra ll, and Precalculus.
  • Science - 3.0 credits (Physical Science completed by grade 9, Biology completed by grade 10, and Chemistry by grade 11). These credits are required for graduation. A recommended sequence for science includes Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • Social Studies- 3.0 credits: World History - 1.0 credit (includes study of the Nazi Holocaust), American History - 1.0 credit, American Government - 0.5 credit (includes the study of the U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Florida Government, the Florida Constitution, the three branches of State Government, municipal and county government, school Districts, and special Districts), Economics - 0.5 credit
  • Physical Education - 1.0 credit. This requirement is fulfilled by successfully completing the Personal Fitness-course and any other approved physical education semester course.
  • Fine Arts- 1.0 credit (1 credit in performing/fine arts or a practical arts course that incorporates artistic content and techniques of creativity, interpretation, and imagination).
  • Electives - 8.0 credits in a major, minor, or electives; selected by the student as a part of the personalized education plan
  • ** Foreign Language - 2.0 credits. Not required for High School Graduation - but required for admission into state universities.

Course descriptions for all courses approved by the State of Florida Department of Education can be obtained from the following web site:

Florida State Department of Education

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