Middle School Program

Middle school Requirements.

  • Language Arts - 3.0 credits.
  • Mathematics - 3.0 credits.
  • Science - 3.0 credits.
  • Social Studies - 3.0 credits.
  • Physical Education - Required ALL three years of Middle School.
  • Electives - Selected in area of interest.

Earning High School Credit in
Middle School

Middle School students can earn up to 6 High School
credits while in Middle School.

These classes WILL REMAIN on a students' High School Transcript. Excellent performance is mandatary as these courses count in High School GPA calculation and may have an impact on student college admission. The following courses have been approved by M-DCPS :

  • Algebra 1 Honors
  • Geometry Honors
  • Physical Science Honors
  • Biology Honors
  • Foreign Language 1 and Above

Florida Prepaid College Plans

You can see our Middle School Course Progression by clicking the link below.

Middle School Classes

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